Translation Services

interpretingVietnamese <> English Interpreting

We offer on-site interpreting services in a wide range of areas such as police investigations, court cases, vocational training, seminars, legal matters, workshops, parent meetings, health services, group interviews, business delegations, financial seminars, education issues, etc…

PaperworkVietnamese <> English Translation

We offer a variety of translation services such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, qualifications, identity cards, active service certificates, military driver licences, police clearance certificates, migration documents, transcript of audio and video tapes, household registration books, re-education certificates, business pamphlets, health and legal booklets, etc…


Vietnamese American Community Network at Thang Long
Thang Long Office
1377 Dorchester Avenue
Boston, MA.02122

8am – 6 pm EST, 5 days per week
Tel. (781) 707-6397




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